Two Days on the South Mills River – Day 1

Several firsts took place on this trip to the North Carolina Mountains.

I drove (!!) from Durham to Brevard by way of Modern Nissan in Mooresville.  Easily my longest drive of the 21st century.

The new Rogue was muddied.

I ‘buddy fished’ with Owen.  This involves taking turns fishing ‘point’ as we moved up stream, trading off when a fish was caught.  I rigged with a dry, he with nymphs.

We set the date for this trip a month previous and Owen had said the upper South Mill River would be a good choice.  He likes to hike in and I like to be led, we suited up and hiked to the dimunitive but beautiful Big Falls.  It was an hour walk in and we intended to fish it out but we both knew that was impossible.

However, the fish were willing, mostly small with some nice 6 to 9 inchers and all stream bred gorgeous.  We grand slammed the species with hungry Rainbows, harder fighting Browns and a Brookie.  We were surprised at the Brook Trout but my sense is this stream has so many natural blockages in it that many sections of the stream may only be linked in the highest spring runoffs.  Perhaps the Brookies find enough room to grow big enough to survive Brown predation.  Who knows but all three species were there.

I realized midway through the day that I never had enough confidence in my fishing success to ‘buddy fish’ with anyone.  It was nice fishing with someone that had the necessary knowledge.


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